I’m small framed.

But I’m also Cuban. 

I have hips, I have thighs, and I have an ass. 

I love that about myself, 

you should too. 

Open Relationship

If you suggest this? 

You can fuck off and die. 

You can also consider us 



They’re everywhere

I’ll give you a marker and you can connect the dots. 

(Source: Flickr / danielalindqvist)


John Spinks likes his girls a little bit older, 

I like my boys a little bit younger. 

Star Wars

I always root for Han Solo. 

My favorite is Return of the Jedi. 

Lets have a marathon. 

Better yet, lets have a lightsaber war. 

Dibs on the red one. 


I prefer a clean face. 

I have very sensitive skin.

If you have it, 

Don’t leave a rash. 

I will be pissed. 

Tim Burton

I love his films. 

I want to live in one. 

Especially Nightmare Before Christmas. 

If you’ll be my Jack.

I’ll be your Sally. 

Everyday can be Halloween. 

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