I love them. 

The Smiths agree.

Lets have a picnic at midnight. 

Cross our hearts and hope to die. 

Dance with me under the pale moonlight? 

(Source: kenscelfo)


I have a few.

I’m sure you do too. 

Tell me their stories. 

I’ll kiss every single one while you talk. 


I’m very good at imitating them.

I won’t do this in public. 


I am, quite a bit. 

I’ll keep this under control as much as possible. 

But ultimately, I respond to your actions.

Don’t give me a reason to doubt them. 


I like to watch it. 

I like to write it. 

I like to read it. 

If you watch it with me, 

I’d like it even more. 

If you want to try it with me, 

I’m game. 


I don’t smoke it. 

I don’t care if you do occasionally. 

Don’t do it all the time.

Don’t lie to me about it. 

I’ll buy you junk food. 


My friends and I use this word, often. 

Actually, we misuse it. 

We know what it really means, 

We don’t care.

The actual definition is erroneous.

See what I did there?

Just go with it. 


I’m an Aries. 

I will try to guess your sign. 

Don’t roll your eyes when I ask. 

I will research all there is to know about it.

I won’t ever admit to this. 

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