I listen to them when I’m sad.

Over, and over and over.  

My favorite is Emotions. 

If you hear this, 

Something is wrong. 


I’m hopeless at it. 

Teach me to be better. 

Fair warning, 

I will want to make out on the pool table. 

If you didn’t already know this is the best way to “break” 

(Source: harderpleasesir)

My Father

We don’t speak. 

The root of many of my issues.

In time, I will tell you why. 

don’t push me on this. 

Car Doors

I open them a tad bit too aggressive. 

More often than not I will slam it into the car next to us. 

It will leave a mark on both your cars. 

I will feel bad enough. 

Don’t make me feel worse. 


Red only please.

With a bubble bath,

Candles, and your lovely self

Singing me lullabies in my ear

Whilst playing with my hair. 


The inside of my head,

is a fucking nightmare. 

My moods change accordingly. 

I apologize for this. 


Always remember,

You are my refuge.


I use it when I’m royally pissed

Or with people I feel deep affection for.

My tone will give away which it is. 

If the prior, take cover. 


I spill things.

I drop them. 

I trip over the air.

I fall down. 

I scrape my knees.

Laugh, Help me up 

and kiss my boo-boos. 

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